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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It is pretty dismal to think that any market could be designed more against youth's future productivity needs than wall street banking  (lets end it)  of the 2000s but unless parents become proactive that is exactly what the education chain - especially university education is being designed to do. Look at all the students in debt - trapped by the promise that if you pass all your exams, there will be an employer waiting to offer you jobs. This isn't the future of jobs that we started mapping for the net generation's collaboration entrepreneurial opportunities back in 1984. And the idea that a narrower and narrower segment of academics has the monopoly to certify which youth are up to future grade is obscene and as uneconomic as it was when adam smith first warned societies never to do this. Download issue 1 of the journal of pro-youth economics and reread professor skinners article on what adam smith actually said on the economics of education.

To remedy this:
support yunus student social business competitions and demand that fat universities mortgage some of their building to create yoth investment funds

support partnerships with the glasgow-bangladeshi free nursing col;ege model - which is a paradigm for valuing all vocational apprenticeships that 21st c youth can be empowered by ,especially girl power as sustainability of communities is essential to children and mothers (or whomever is taking on parental role)

explore why the free university model designed by taddy blecher and celebrated by all mandela partners including branson, google africa and kiva is probaly the most pro-youth economic model of education ever seen

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