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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The most basic purpose of capital -if not banking - is to design a place's capital structures so that family's intergenerational savings invest in productivity of the next generation out of every community. The disastrous starts made by wall street clones to the 2000s have gone a long -but hopefully not yet an irreversible way - way to destroying investments in all the greatest job creating futures that a  million times more collaboration technology could have afforded 2010s youth.

Parent and others who value designing pro-youth  investment banks can hugely benefit from studying how the origins of bangladeshi microcredit . This changed value chains around community-owned marketplaces, hubbed life critical knowledge and invested in next generation's education. A microbank not designed to achieve those goals has nothing to do with the pro-youth economic innovation of microcredit that Bangladesh gave to the world from the 1970s. American driven funds in microfinancs that are designed around opposite or separated financial purposes from the above are just another speculative strategy designed to destroy youth's futures. Fortunately regulation of how cashless banking maps is coming to every country. Those places that get the regulations transparently correct have a last chance to design banking around investing in youth's most productive futures. We look forward to your reports or where these decisions are trending to pro-youth or perpetuating the destruction of productive youth futures.

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