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Amy Chen Qian is president of CONSCIOUS YOUTH World

CYW is a under 30s partnership, friends and mentoring association valuing the maximum productive impact of youth 2016-2025- the most critical decade in the sustainability of the human race- first 2 global youth communities connecting with CYW are from Dubai and the Vatican's intergenerational world championships

Friends are people -ge John Kiehl, Harrison Owen, Manny Perlman- whose projects give AMY and CYN most opportunity to action network and create jobs while celebrating sustaiability goals out every community

coming soon
Join in the worldwde community started by young chinese women and at the vatican young franciscan men

come on ConsciousYouthWorld tours - next up spring 2016 Rome and Beijing and Baltimore - recently completed Brooklyn

Saturday, March 12, 2016

prep for next week of Conscious Youth World

ROME check out latest with maurice and your global youth goodwill community - is it true you and he can nominate harrison owen as the youth greatest elder of intergenerational sustainability ( annual vatican world championships)? 
lets make rome tour 3rd time lucky -since i have utterly failed to serve requests rome made from my first two trips
it timely  now that diane has defaulted on where manny and john were going to launch global music apps - guided tours of rome and london (royal society connections) are the two things manny and john want most in next month- maurice is your key in rome , lord sainsbury's daughter whom naila introdcued to sherrt tross and other first ladies is way into prince charles and the bbc

check out with the 3 chinese architects from the winning team at last weeks UN celebration - will they  help form conscious youth china with you by continuing to discuss conscious capitalism book with you and help organise john kiehl's and mackey's first ever tour of china/asia

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